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Cinderella Around the World


Cinderella by Maxfield Parish

Did you know that "Cinderella" isn't only told in the United States?  Many countries around the world have stories that are very similar to Cinderella. The Egyptian Cinderella story was first told more than 2000 years ago!  We decided to investigate these stories of a poor girl who gets magical help and meets the love of her dreams.


In December, Mrs. Hickmott’s 3rd graders read many different Cinderella stories that you can find at your local library.

After discussing similarities and differences in plot, setting, and characters, the students teamed up to write scripts for their own versions of Cinderella. We hope you enjoy them, and invite you to write your own Cinderella story or play! Be sure to send us your creations, if you like.

Don't forget to check out the fun and games page for some cool Cinderella games.


Cinder Pup and the Magic Collar
By Sara and Brianna

Cinder Pup: Hi, my name is Cinder Pup. I want to go to the park to find a new owner, but my fur is all muddy and my collar is ragged.

Fairy Goddog: I am your Fairy Goddog! I will help you go to the park. If you promise me you’ll be home by 1:00 AM, I will give you a golden collar and silk fur.

Cinder Pup: Fairy Goddog, I promise to be home by 1:00 AM if you promise to give me those nice things.

Fairy Goddog: [waving her magic bone] Abracabony Lickity Bark! Now, Cinder Pup, you can go to the park!

Cinder Pup: Thank you, Fairy Goddog! You have been very kind to me!

Fairy Goddog: You’re very welcome, Cinder Pup. Now hurry off to the park and remember to be back by 1:00 AM, and have a good time!

Cinder Pup: I hope I will find a nice owner!

Then Cinder Pup got a nice owner and lived happily ever after.

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Space Sam and the Alien Hunt
By Tommy and Lenny

Space Sam: Hi! My name is Space Sam and I have a problem. I want to go to the Alien Hunt.

God of Space: I can help you go to the Alien Hunt.

Space Sam: But I don’t have any space gear. By the way, who are you?

God of Space: I am the God of Space. I will give you space gear, if you can tell me what moon you will be on to look for aliens.

Space Sam: I will be on the moon Titan.

God of Space: No problem.

Space Sam: Tomorrow is the Alien Hunt. You will take me to Titan, right?

God of Space: Yes. I will take you to Titan tomorrow.

The next day:

Space Sam: Today is the day, but where is the God of Space?

God of Space: I’m here, I’m here, Space Sam! Here is your space gear.

Space Sam: I am ready now.

God of Space: Here we go!

Space Sam: I got one! I got one! Come here, quick! Take me to the prize stand at the gear house.

God of Space: That is a nice prize!

Space Sam: I sure do like my toy alien!

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Back Street Boys and NSync
By Matthew C. and Tyler

Nick: Hi! My name is Nick. I want to go to the concert but I have a sore throat and I can’t sing.

Justin: Hi! My name is Justin. I can help you get your voice back.

Nick: But the concert starts in two hours!

Justin: No problem. Just play my guitar or trumpet and you will get your voice back and you can go to the concert with your friends and sing.

Nick: Great! Thanks for doing that!

Justin: No problem! If you need anything else, just ring the bell and I will be right there!

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Zipidyzap Means Cinderella
by Alexandra and Stephen

Zipidyzap: Hi, my name is Zipidyzap, the Martian. I am your leader. I am from.... Hey, Magical Helper, where am I from?

Magical Helper: You are from the planet Jupiter.

Zipidyzap: Oh yeah! Earthlings, I am from the planet Jupiter. You must be from the planet Uranus.

Magical Helper: No! They’re not from Uranus. They’re from Earth. Why do you call them Earthlings if they’re from Uranus. So they must be from Earth.

Zipidyzap: Hey, I can’t be from Jupiter, because I would sink into the planet. I must be from Mars.

Magical Helper: But you’re not from Mars.

Zipidyzap: But why am I not from Mars, because I am a Martian and I can float?!

Magical Helper: Yes!!!

Are you going to the Shoobyglooby Ball with the rest of the Martians?

Zipidyzap: I can’t, because I’m dressed in slime and bugs.

Magical Helper: That’s where I come in. With a tap of this orange paper, you will be dressed in rocks. Abra-kadabra-Alakarock!

Zipidyzap: Wow! I’m dressed in rocks! Now I could go to the Shoobyglooby Ball.

Magical Helper: You’re right. You’re going to the Shooby Glooby Ball! Happy now?

Zipidyzap: We’re finally here. I wonder if I could dance with the princess.

Magical Helper: You want to dance with the princess, I’ll make you!

Zipidyzap: Yes!! I’m dancing with the princess!!

Magical Helper: OK, you two are now married and you two will live happily ever after.

Zipidyzap: What?? We’re married already???!! Cool!!!

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The Golden Sneakers
By Matthew H. and Alan

Alan Jordan: Hey! My name is Alan Jordan. I play basketball. But it’s just I’m too short to make slam dunks and stuff.

Magical Jonson: Hi! My name is Magical Jonson. I will help you make slam dunks and do other stuff. But you must promise not to mix these golden sneakers up with the other basketball players’!

Alan Jordan: Yo man! Thanks, now I can make dunks and stuff.

Magical Jonson: [Poof!]

Alan Jordan: Hey! Wait! No, I’m late for the game. I better run!

At the game:

Alan Jordan: [talking to the other players]

Then Alan Jordan lived a peaceful life making slam dunks.

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The Yarn-haired Girl
By Nicole and Jayme

Girl: Hi, I am the yarn-haired girl. I have a problem. I want to go to the museum. But I can’t because my hair’s too long and I’m afraid people will laugh at me.

Fairy Crafts Person: Hi, I am your Fairy Crafts Person. I like to do crafts. I shall help you go to the museum. I shall give you a magic hat. But you shall not lose it or else...!!!

Girl: Oh thank you, Fairy Crafts Person! I will not lose the magic hat. I will get to the museum very safely with the magic hat.

Fairy Crafts Person: Oh dear honey, be back at 10:00 AM or else your clothes will rot and the yarn on your head will fall all off and you will have no more hair!

Girl: Yes, I will! Thank you so much, Fairy Crafts Person, for the magic hat.

Fairy Crafts Person: Go, go, go!!! Time is awastin’, but remember to be back by 10:00 AM.

She went and had fun. She came back exactly at 10:00 AM.

She lived happily ever after.

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Cinderella Mermaid
By Shelby and Jennifer

Julia: Hi, my name is Julia. I really want to go to the Under-the-Sea Dance, but my fins are full of sand and my hair is dirty, plus I have too many chores!

Fairy Dolphin: I’m your Fairy Dolphin. I heard you want to go to the Under-the-Sea Dance.

Julia: I would love to, but look at my fins and hair. Besides, I have too much work to do.

Fairy Dolphin: Oh, no problem! I’ll just call my magic seahorse.

Julia: Will you really help me, Fairy Dolphin?

Fairy Dolphin: Of course! I will give you beautiful fins and clean hair.

Julia: But what about my chores?

Fairy Dolphin: Oh, don’t worry! My trusty seahorse will have it done in no time!

Julia: Oh thank you so much! I can’t wait!

Fairy Dolphin: Oh, I forgot! You have until 12:30, and then everything will be back to normal.

Julia: Can I have my fins shiny shiny silver and my top sparkly white, and gold jewels?

Fairy Dolphin: Oh, you better hurry! Your dance is almost over!

Julia: What will I go in?

Fairy Dolphin: Your new clothes!

Julia: No, I meant, to ride in?

Fairy Dolphin: Oh yes, I will call a sea carriage for you!

Julia: Which way do I go?

Fairy Dolphin: The carriage knows!

Julia: It’s a beautiful dance!

Fairy Dolphin: Goodbye! Have a nice night!

Julia: Oh thank you, Fairy Dolphin!

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The Magic Hands
By Armeasha and Ciara

Malinda: Hi! My name is Malinda. I want to go to the prom, but I can’t because my hair is a mess and I don’t have a fancy gown.

Lisa: [walks up] I can help you! My name is Lisa. I will just use my magic hands....

Malinda: Wow! Can you really help me? I am so surprised!

Lisa: Yes my dear, I can! Now, what do you want?

Malinda: I want to go to the prom, but I can’t because my hair is a mess, and I don’t have a fancy gown.

Lisa: [waves hands] Just stand away from me and then I will use my hands.

Malinda: Wow! I have a fancy new gown and my hair is beautiful!

Lisa: Yes! You are beautiful!

Malinda: Thank you, Lisa!

Lisa: Well, I have to go.

Malinda: Bye.

Lisa: Bye.

Malinda went to the prom and had a great time. She met a rich boy and after college they got married and they lived happily ever after.

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Flying Basketball
by Frankie and Zachary

Joe: Hi, my name is Joe. I can’t make a shot.

Fairy Ball: Hi, my name is The Flying Ball, I can help you make a shot!

Joe: OK. I will throw you at the basket.

Fairy Ball: [smiling] You must get ready for the game.

Joe: [running into the game, he shoots the flying ball at the basket]

Fairy Ball: Here I go!

Joe: I made a basket!!

Fairy Ball: [falling]

Joe: [looking down] I got gold shoes!! Thanks for the shoes!!

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The Golden Paw
By Lutfi and D.J.

White Wolf: Hi! I am the white wolf. Uh-oh! My fur is dirty and has blood on it! I just helped my friend, the lion, catch a zebra.

Fairy Lion: Hi! I am the Fairy Lion. I can help you clean your fur, because you helped a lion. [swipes his paw]

White Wolf: Oh! Thank you! Now I can go to the animal party, because the beautiful princess white wolf will be there.

Fairy Lion: Be back before the sun comes up!

White Wolf: OK, I will be home before the sun comes up.

White Wolf did as he was told, and he married the princess and they lived happily ever after.

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The Magic Bat
By Aaron and Nate

Mark: Hi, my name is Mark Migier. I want to win the championship game, but my bat, my best bat, broke.

Ken: And my name is Ken Griffy Jr. and I may be able to help you. I have a magic bat you may use.

Mark: Do you really think I could use it?

Ken: Yes, you can use it.

Mark: Thanks.

Ken: You’re welcome.

Mark: It’s the second quarter and we’re losing 8 to 5.

Ken: Here’s the magic bat. Maybe the coach will let you in now.

Mark: How does the bat work?

Ken: You’ll find out!

Mark: [Crack] I hit a grand slam!

Ken: We won the game because of you!

Mark: Thanks for letting me use the bat.

Ken: No problem. Anytime!

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