Spring 2003
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Roxaboxen! About Ukraine From the Classroom

About Ukraine

All About Ukraine
by David M.



Ukraine is a wonderful, beautiful country. I will tell you all about Ukraine or YkpaïHa as it's called.



Vegetables and FruitsPeople have gardens in villages. They put some vegetables and also some fruits, and from the spring to fall they grow. Then in the fall people go to harvest vegetables. If they don't do that then in winter the vegetables will freeze, and then they won't be good anymore.

In Ukraine lots of children go with cows to a big field like a meadow with grass. Behind that area there are many vegetable gardens, and children have to make sure the cows do not go to the gardens. If the cows go there the people will yell at the children because the children didn't take care of the cows. Some people don't have children, but they only have cows. So if they don't want to take the cows themselves they tell the children to take the cows to the fields, and children get money for that.

In Ukraine in the winter sometimes the wind turns the lights off because when it's windy the wind goes in the wires and the electricity goes out. People don't stay in the dark. When the lights are out people use candles to see.



In Ukraine people speak Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and Hungarian.

Ukrainian has 33 letters in the alphabet.

Here is a list of words that are translated into Ukrainian:



one - odin

two - dva

three - tri

four - chotiri

five - pit

six - shist

seven - sem

eight - vesim

nine - devet

ten - deset



cow - korova

rabbit - sichic

dog - sobaka



house - dom

violin - skrepka

trumpet - trupka



ChurchIn Ukraine they have warm summers and cold winters. In Ukraine the coldest month is January, and the hottest month is July. Sometimes in May it's cold in Ukraine, and it's really rainy.




Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. It's a very nice city. When people move to another state, or visit, they have to go on an airplane and the airport is in Kiev.



People have to go to school for eleven years. In Ukraine there are not any schools like here, because here in America, children go to school at age five, but in Ukraine children go to school at age six. They start from kindergarten all the way up to eleventh grade in one school. Also, in Ukraine there are not any music lessons in school. If people want to play an instrument they have to learn in a special school for music. Also, there are children that learn how to speak English and they are thirteen years old.



Ukraine had bears before but now they don't have any bears. Now in Ukraine there are red foxes, wild boar, deer, and badgers.



If you want to learn more about Ukraine, then visit Ukraine. You will have a wonderful time there.



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