Spring 2003
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Roxaboxen! About Ukraine From the Classroom

About Ukraine

Sports in Ukraine
by Emanuel M.

In Ukraine there are many sports. Kids play sports in school and also at home. The most popular is soccer. Another sport everyone plays is hockey.

Kids play soccer in the field and when the school finishes, everyone is going on the school field and one team plays versus another team. Sometimes the big students are playing and who loses has to go and buy treats.

Hockey is the 2nd most popular sport. Many kids play hockey on the ice and sometimes in their back yard. Many kids don't have hockey sticks and they make them from wood. They take two sticks and use the first one as the bottom piece and cut the size that they need. They use the second one as the top piece, and they put them together. They put a couple of nails through them and they have their own hockey sticks.

Many people watch sports on the TV. They like to watch soccer and their favorite team is Kyiv Dynamo.

These were some of the things that people do in Ukraine and the sports they play.


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