Spring 2003
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Roxaboxen! About Ukraine From the Classroom


Writing Tasks

1. All families are asked to begin their wiriting as follows:

Describe the role you have chosen within your community. Explain why you have chosen it, and how it is of value to the community.

2. Next, each family chooses one of these topics to continue their writing:

  • Think of a way in which you could make your community a better, or more beautiful place! Describe how you would do this, and how it would be of value to the community.

  • Create a recipe for a great community! Include what "ingredients" would be needed, what would need to be done, and how many it will serve.

  • Think about the future...! Describe what your community will be like and look like 100 years from now, in the year 2103. Tell if it will be a better place or not, and explain why/why not.


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