Spring 2003
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Roxaboxen! About Ukraine From the Classroom


A BoulderStudent Writings (page 1, 2, 3)

How To Make Our Community a Better, More Beautiful Place

Task: Think of a way in which you could make your community a better, or more beautiful place! Describe how you would do this, and how it would be of value to the community.


The Story of Roxaboxen
by Carlye and Jordan

Once upon a time there was a town named Roxaboxen. It was made of rocks. Many people went there. A little way from Roxaboxen, there was a town where the kids lived. The kids who lived there were named Jordan, Carlye, Tyler, Matt, Jesse, Grace, and Kelly. Everybody had a house. Carlye and Grace lived together, Jordan and Kelly lived together.

They each had their own money made of black rocks, and their own stores. Jesse and Tyler owned the ice cream store. Carlye and Kelly owned the bakery. Jordan owned a chocolate shop and Grace owned a book store. Matt owned a gas station for the cars. When someone sped through town, they would have to go to jail. That's how they liked their town. Everybody was happy!


by Kayla M.

I am going to be a gardener in the community of Roxaboxen. I want to be a gardener because I want to make it more beautiful. I hope people will feel more happy when they see the gardens.

I will start by making a park. I will plant trees and flowers with lots of colors. I would have benches for people to enjoy the scenery. I would have open lawns for children to play on. There will be a little pond with goldfish and plants and a pretty fountain in the center. I will have many types of flowers including rare flowers with stands with the flowers' names.

Roxaboxen will be a better town because people would have a nice place to visit and enjoy.


A Better Place
by Mary C.

I have an idea and it is about the community becoming a better place. I would like to see our community build a pool. The pool would be a gathering place for our children. It would be a place to cool off. The whole community would have to raise the money to build the pool. The people would come together to sell candy, have car washes, bottle and can drives. We could have contests to raise money too.


The Best Job in Kids Town
by Meghan M.

My name is Ms. Meghan. I am a dance teacher in Kids Town. I teach Ballet, Tap and Jazz. It's fun and I get to meet new kids. All my students are nice. That makes more kids want to dance.

Sometimes we clean up our community. We perform free recitals to entertain people.

I think my job will keep kids dancing!!


by Malcolm E.

In my community I'm a toy store keeper. I sell legos, balls, playstation games, board games, outdoor toys and barbies. I chose this job because it makes people happy. It affects my community because if we didn't have this store no one would have toys.


Community Helper
by Katie L.

I am going to be a community helper. I find a lot of garbage and I would like to keep my community clean. I want to pick up garbage and keep my environment clean. I also will plant gardens and weed for people. I'll also help elderly people get their mail or shovel their driveway.

People would care because there would be a cleaner environment. Others would care because it would make them happy. I would feel very happy after I helped my community because it would make me a better person.


My Family
by Jacquelyn and Mommy M.

We chose family because without families we would not have a community. Families make people happy and when they are nice to one another we make good friends.

Our community is Spencerport and has friends that I like. Friends make a community a better place. We like to play basketball and ride bikes, go out to dinner, and go to the playground. We like to take walks and get ice cream. Having friends and fun places to go make a community better.

Spencerport is a beautiful place because people are respectful. People make good choices and do things they are supposed to. We put our garbage in cans, we don't write on buildings, we keep our houses neat, we don't wreck other people's houses or cars. We follow the rules.

Our favorite thing to do in the summer is go to the gazebo and write and recite songs and poems. Sometimes we dance! We listen to music, run up and down the path and watch fish jump out of the canal.

If our community was dirty or had unfriendly people, we would not be able to enjoy any of these wonderful things. Our family works together to keep our community clean and safe and friendly.


Sunny Town
by Chad C.

In my community I would be a carpenter and build houses for everyone to live in. I would name my town Sunny Town. Sunny Town would have great weather all the time so kids could play outside. People in Sunny Town would be happy, caring, and friendly. Everyone would take lots of photos and go swimming all the time. The school would have lots of toys and a gym.


A Prettier Place
by Melissa H.

I want to make our community a prettier place by planting trees, picking up garbage, repainting buildings, choosing a town flower so everyone can plant a flower.

Some more ideas I had include making community gardens and cleaning up parks and rivers. I would do this by sending out messages on the computer, putting up posters and putting ads in stores. We could ask every school grade to adopt a project and do it.

Making our community more beautiful would be of value mostly because it would get people working together.


by Juliana K.

The role that we chose in the community is by volunteering our time to kid sports and the classroom. We chose this because we care and like to help. When my mom helps in the classroom, it helps us to complete our work.

I would make our community more beautiful by picking up all the garbage and planting more flowers and trees. This would make everyone happy and proud of our community.


Swimming Teacher
by Rachel D.

I choose swimming teacher because I like to help people. It is valuable because children learn to love swimming. They may want to become swimming teachers too, teaching even more people to swim. It is part of the community, and swimming teachers teach children how to be safe around water and the deep end. When the people are drowning, they can save them.

I would gather up a bunch of people and then I would make a big community pool. I would make it beautiful with flowers.


by Josh and Leah

To make our community great we need a lot of people. We need mailmen, policemen, firemen, parents, teachers, bakers, nurses, and other workers. We want all of the people to get along. Be kind to one another. Help one another. Everyone in the community would be happy.


A Healthy Community
by Zachary R.

I will be a doctor in Spencerport. I choose to be a doctor to help people. Doctors can save someone's life.

The community will be healthier. The doctors will make better medicine. It would help sick people.


A Polite Community
by Brianna A.

Our community is Rochester. My role is to be a good student/child. I am being polite. That will make the community happy.

If everyone is polite, the community will be a happy place. I'll start a class that will teach people to say "please," "thank you," and "you're welcome." They will also learn to help and care for others.


A Forest Community
by Michaela R. and Family

A better community for me would be to grow a beautiful forest around our houses and create safe places for animals to come. We would learn how to communicate with each other.

In the center of our forest community there would be a planetarium with a huge telescope to see real stars and to have fun making shadows.

We could plant gardens and ponds within our forest community. These could be some of the places where we could meet and talk with the animals. We would also invite them into our houses and have a tea party. Of course we would need special tables and chairs for them. We could decorate the inside of our house with painted cardboard trees to make them feel at home. Eventually they would be given voting rights and go to work so families could spend time together.


by Justine M.

We could have a party each season. In the spring we could plant flowers. In the summer we could have a pool party. In the fall we could rake the leaves. In the winter we could build a snowman. We will all be friends.


A Very Beautiful Place
by Shauna M.

I think that we could make our community better by picking up a lot of trash nearby. You could also plant flowers, trees, bushes or other types of plants. This would make a very beautiful place. I also think that all people should stop littering.

The trees would be a good place for animals to live in. The flowers are good so insects could get nectar. Those things are also very pretty. We could also make it beautiful by planting a community garden.

I would recommend this book to a friend because I think that it is cool how they make a town out of rocks and houses and stands out of boxes.


Mila's Town
by Mila S.

  1. I would collect lots of stuff and make the city beautiful.
  2. They are all nice but no people were bad.
  3. It was a very nice town.
  4. The houses were tall.
  5. The animals were nice.
  6. The town was magical.


A Safe Community
Author Unknown

This is a way that I could keep the community safe. If I was a police officer I would make sure everyone followed the laws. I would make sure people don't litter. I will make sure people don't steal things either. I wouldn't allow graffiti on any buildings or bridges. It would be more beautiful with no writing on it. If people break the law I would put them in jail. That's how I will keep my community safe.



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