Spring 2003
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From the Classroom

ESL (English as a Second Language) Classroom

These students studied different animals. They wrote reports about them, and these fiction stories:


LionWhy Lion is the King of the Jungle
by Alex N. (gr.2)

A long time ago a lion was born. It was small and not strong enough to fight. He was too shy to talk to the animals in the jungle.

One day his parents died. Now the cub is alone and sad. The tiger came to eat the cub. He ran as fast as he could.

The monkey told the cub to hide in the bushes near the water. The tiger fell in the water. The cub said, "Thank you monkey." The monkey said, "You're welcome." The cub said, "Can we be friends?" "Yes," said the monkey.

The next day the tiger chased the monkey. "Help!" screamed the monkey. The cub was coming. He saw the tiger. The cub made a hole as fast as he could. The cub said to the monkey, "Hide in the bushes." The tiger fell in the hole. The monkey said, "Thank you." "You're welcome," said the cub.

All of the animals cheered for the cub. The monkey said, "You are the hero and the king of the jungle."

That's why the lion is the king of the jungle.


JaguarHow Jaguars Got Their Fur
by Eric T. (gr.3)

Long time ago jaguars didn't have fur. One day Jaguar walked in the grass and it was tickling him. He said, "I need some fur so I'm warm and grass won't tickle me."

First he asked the cheetah. "Only a little bit," said the cheetah. He gave some fur to the jaguar. Jaguar spread the fur on his body. It still was not enough.

He went to the Leopard. "I need some fur so I can be warm," said the jaguar. The leopard said, "Only a little bit." The jaguar spread the fur on his body. Now he had enough fur. Now he was warm and the grass was not tickling him.

So that's how jaguars got their fur.


CheetahHow Cheetah Got Sharp Teeth and Black Spots
by Joey K. (gr.4)

Long time ago there was a cheetah. He didn't have sharp teeth or black spots.

Once an elephant was running and hit the cheetah with his tusk and the cheetah's teeth fell out. The elephant gave the cheetah a little of the elephant's tusk. After a week the cheetah grew new teeth and they were very sharp because of the pieces of tusk.

Once the cheetah was running to a house. There was a hole in the door and there were a couple of men painting the house. The cheetah looked in the hole in the door. The painter who was painting the door painted a black spot on the cheetah's face and forehead.

Just then a vehicle drove in the parking lot and the man who was painting the roof dropped the paint can. The cheetah got spots all over her body.

That's how cheetah got sharp teeth and black spots.


Dog Chasing CatWhy Dogs Chase Cats
by David M. (Gr.5)

Once upon a time two cats and one dog were the best friends. One little cat was playing and running and the other cat was walking down the road. Then the dog was mad because he thought that the cats were not dogs' friends anymore. The dog came and started chasing the cat. The cat was running as much as he could, so the dog was trying to run fast to get the cat.

Then there was a hole in the ground and the dog fell because he tripped in the hole. And then the dog started crying because he got hurt.

The second cat came and asked what happened. The first cat said, "The dog was chasing me and wanted to eat me." The second cat asked why did the dog chase the cat.

The dog said that he thought that the cats were not his friends. Then the dog said sorry to the cat and he said, "Can we be friends again?"

The cat said, "No because I think you are lying to me."

After that dogs still did the same thing chasing cats, and the cats were running from dogs. And this is why dogs are chasing cats.


PenguinHow Penguins Got their Wings
By Emanuel M. (Gr. 6)

Once there was a race and in the race were the penguin and the fish. The penguin came to the fish and asked her "Do you want to race?" The fish said "Why not."

Then the fish and the penguin go to a lake and there were many animals there, and they started the race. The fish jumped in the water and she was swimming fast as she could. But the penguin started to cry.

Then she heard someone saying, "Go penguin go". Then she started to dive in the water. But she fell in the water and she saw a fish and she ate the fish.

After a while wings started to grow and the penguin knew if she eats fish her wings will get bigger. But the fish that was racing got eaten by the penguin too, so the penguin was in first place.

And that's how penguins got their wings.


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These Kindergarten students wrote all about their day in school:

My School
by Johnny T.

My friends are Nick, Spence, and Tori. They are funny.
I like to play in housekeeping with my friends.
I LIKE TRAINS. Trains are my favorite thing in school.
In my school we have a guinea pig. His name is BUSTER.
He eats snacks. He drinks water.
Johnny and Danny go to ESL. Danny is funny.
I like computers.
I kiss the puppets.
We like to read.
I like books about trains.

The End



Puzzle PieceI Like School
By Danny K.

In my school I have lots of puzzles. My favorite is Goldilocks. I like puzzles.
I am Johnny’s best friend, and he is funny.
I like playing on the computer.
I like playing Little Red Riding Hood with the puppets.
I like to read books. I am reading Little Red Riding Hood.

The End



This first grader wrote about her heroic rescue!

SwimmingMy Friend
by Tanya K. (Gr.1)

One time I went to the beach with my brother Joey. And me and my brother went swimming.

Then a big wave came and my brother went under. I grabbed his leg and pulled him on the sand.

He said, "Thank you!"

I said, "You're welcome!"

The End



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