Spring 2003
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From the Classroom

Pen6th Grade

Mrs. Dallo's 6th graders wrote lots of poems. Here is just a small sampling:


Let's Go Play

Let's go play
On this fine day in May

We'll run and run
Having fun in the sun

We can play tag
Just not with a bag

Memories we'll share
Some too funny to bear

You and I can have a picnic too
Under the pavillion that's blue

There will be lots of our friends there, too
But it won't be the same without you.

- by Taylor




Monkey, monkey on the wall
Hanging upside down, don't fall!

- by Michelle




My heart is gone like a leaf on a windy day
It was torn off its limbs and just flew away
It hurt so bad... it hurt so bad...
I can't get my heart back, it was torn from me
I'll get it back, you just wait and see
It could take months, it could take years
It's kept my secrets, it's kept my fears
It's blown a mile, it's blown forever
This life, this story, will last forever
My heart will travel, it will soar to new places
See the world, meet new faces
My life's only just begun
Much more to see....
I love you, I love you
Please hold my heart
And don't ever let it blow away.

- by Melaina




There is no more world around me.
The walls are closing in.
I'm all alone -- by myself
till who knows when.
No more friends and laughter.
Just me and my room.
No phone, no computer, no TV
No way of communicating
to the outside world
No entertainment.
Just the walls to stare at:
blank, white, and plain.
I'm in a different world now
and everything is the same.

- by Stacey




Friends are the people I talk with
Friends are the people who I live by
Friends are the people I do work with
Friends are the people who I play sports with
Friends are people that don't get in trouble
Friends are people who don't fight
Friends are people who don't call people names.

- by Emanuel


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Saying goodbye to Bernabi means....

Leaving a great school, great teachers, and great friends! (Jen)

Little all over again. (Val)

Now we'll have way more freedom, but I'll miss some of the teachers (Carrie)

Yeah! Off to Middle School we go! (Josh)

New friends, new teachers, a lot of new things. (Deanna)

Leaving behind the majority of my childhood (Peter)

7th grade right next! (Jimmy)

More freedom!! Can't wait till middle school. (Brian)

I will have new teachers and meet a lot of new kids. (Adriana)

Can't wait to go to the Middle School. More freedom! (Andrew)

Finally some change -- new people and new places, but Bernabi will always be in the back of my mind. (Debbie)

Freedom! I can't wait to leave. (Adam)

Leaving friends, teachers and our school, but it also means more and new friends and teachers. (Jenny)

I will be happy to go on, but sad because I'm leaving. (J.J.)

I'll respect the rules and remember all the good times and bad times I had. (Cameron)

New friends, and new things to do. (Emre)

It's not sad to leave the school where I learned. (Emanuel)

I'm going away. Bye bye, little kids! Hello Middle School! (Stacey)

It means saying goodbye to my child years and looking ahead to my teenage years. (Kelli)

Happy we get to go to 7th grade! (Brad)

I would have to say goodbye to all my favorite teachers and I would be sad because I've been here so long. (Courtney)

New opportunities! (Callie)



Goodbye and good luck to all sixth graders as they graduate and move to Cosgrove!!  We'll miss you!!




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