Spring 2003
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From the Classroom

5th Grade (page 1, 2)

After reading about different inventors, Mrs. Briggs' 5th graders created some amazing inventions of their own! (Don't forget to click the pictures to get a bigger version.)


Super Duper Fold-up Laptop
by Mike

Super Duper Fold-up LaptopHello, my name is Mike and I am the inventor of the super duper fold-up laptop. I got the idea of it by trying to think of something useful. I was also trying to think of something that people would get interested in so they would want to buy my useful product. Almost anyone would use it and people would like it. That's how I thought of my invention.

My invention is mostly made of paper. The reason for that is that paper is the only material that I knew could fold up easily. Another reason is that paper is easy to get. The last reason is that when I thought about making the buttons for the keyboard, paper was what I was thinking of using.

My invention was simple to make. I had no trouble making it. The only thing I had a little trouble with was how I was going to cut out the keys, and thanks to Mrs. Briggs' idea, my keys pop up.

Business men will use my invention. Maybe a kid would want one if they were going on a plane. They could play games on the internet. I think people need my invention for trips, so they're not bored. They could also get on the internet to see how the stock market is doing. You could also check something out on the internet. You might even be able to find a website that shows you everything that's happening in a certain sports game and get a fast connection. I think my invention is great because almost everyone could use it besides babies, because they would probably break the keys and then no one would be happy. I also think it's great because it could be useful to people.

My invention could be made. But we don't have the right technology to have it fold up with all the gizmos and things inside the laptop. My invention really could be made, but it would probably be in 200 years when I am not alive, and then I will not be able to get one. I bet if this invention is ever made, it will be a success and make lots of money all over the world.



Bouncy Pair of Shoes
by Mariah and Nicole

Bouncy Pair of ShoesI got this idea when I was thinking of a pogo stick. I thought it would be cool if you could walk around and jump at the same time without getting tired.

The materials me and my partner used are couch springs, sneakers, superglue, and tape. We were thinking of putting fabric over the springs, but we can't. Those are pretty much all the materials that we used.

We did have to change it a lot. Instead of straight springs we had to use swirly springs. They get bigger every time they go down. Me and my partner both think we did a great job and that is about it.



Electric Eraser
by David

Electric EraserI invented a pencil that has an electric eraser in it.

Sometimes I was mad because when I was writing and I got a little mistake, I had to erase a whole word instead of just a letter. I thought about other people because when they are writing something fast, if they make a mistake then it will take time to erase.

I made the electric pencil of plastic, lead, pen, long thin eraser, button, and smooth new material, and a sticker that says NEW on it.

I got a little trouble with it when I was cutting the eraser to make it thin and put it in the middle of the pencil.

If I push the little button down, then the lead turns into an eraser (blue button), and if I push the second button, lead will come out (red button) inside the pencil.

People need it because when they write and if they make a mistake, then they have to turn the pencil upside down to erase and also, if they want to erase only one letter, by accident they can erase a whole word because most erasers are big.

Most people that would use these pencils are children at schools, so I can make money by selling pencils to children.

I took a pencil with lead inside of it, and a long eraser. I cut it thin with the knife. Then I put the eraser inside the pencil, and then I stuck the eraser to the button, so when I push the button, the eraser will go down and it will work. But I had to move the lead a little because I wanted the lead and the eraser to stick so I made a little room for the eraser.

I think it's great because this invention is very helpful for people, even for me.



Spy Watch
by Cody and Chase

Spy WatchWe thought of the idea because we like high technology and watches. We chose the abilities it could have because this stuff could happen in our dreams, and make them real.

It's made of an old watch and pipe cleaners attached to it with plastic wrap on it. We did have a little trouble making it when vacation came along. We had a hard time finding the right time.

Security and Army forces all around the U.S. will buy it for the defense. As a defense mechanism, United States will be safer.

They need our invention to cut robbery from 50% to 5%, because it can only be found and used in the U.S.

I think it can actually be made because we have high technology.


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Handy Dandy Candy
by Katie and Briana

Handy Dandy CandyWe got our idea because we like to play soccer and have a party. So we decided to put both together. This is how we came up with "Handy Dandy Candy."

Our invention is made of paper mache, balloons, white and black paint, and a pin. We blew up a balloon and mixed flour and water together. Then we put newspapers in the mixture and placed them on the balloon. After we covered the balloon, we popped it with a pin. Then we painted the paper mache white and added black circles. After that dried, we put candy inside of it and closed the hole with a balloon.

We changed the name of "Kick and Chew" to "Handy Dandy Candy." The only trouble that we had was painting on the black spots.

Soccer players would like this invention because they can play soccer as well as having a party. It would be used for birthday parties, normal parties, and soccer parties. We think people need our invention because whoever likes soccer and parties, can do them both at the same time.

We also think that our invention is possible to make. You can make it, and it is actually quite easy to make. We had a lot of fun "inventing" the "Handy Dandy Candy."



The Talking Toothbrush
by Lauren and Lydia

The Talking ToothbrushThe talking toothbrush was created or made up by the remote control toothbrush as the dentists. But our talking toothbrush you can use as a telephone or a toothbrush at the same time.

The Talking Toothbrush 2The talking toothbrush materials are cardboard, a toothbrush, sponges, glue, and a pencil. We made the phone by putting the cardboard together to look like a phone. Then we cut sponges out into squares for buttons and glued them to the cardboard. We added a toothbrush by cutting a hole to stick in the cardboard. Finally we added numbers to the buttons with the pencil. We did not have any trouble or changes.

Everyone will use our product, like kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors (older people). It would be used for at home, for free time, or at a sleepover to call to say goodnight to their parents. Our invention is so great because you can use it almost anywhere! Also, you can use it in case of emergencies. If you have a fire you can call the fire fighters on it.



by DJ and Rocky

AbbagaRiding on a bus, we thought of making a robot buddy. Then we thought how could it help people. So then we thought of all the ideas to make it.

He can help your everyday life. He can drive a car if you need to go somewhere. He can also clean your house if you're tired of cleaning. Also, if you're feeling down, he can cheer you up by being your best friend!

We made Abbaga with different materials, like: a cone, a shoe, ruler, plastic paper, and cardboard. We put the cone in the shoe, attached arms to top of cone, then put the ruler in the cone and attached the plastic paper.

Our invention would probably not be made until the year 4002 or so. We think that because he would be very hard to build with all those different buttons.



Clothes Machine
by Alex and Danielle

Clothes MachineOne day at school we were talking and we said, "It would be so cool to make something that would dress us. We will call it the Clothes Machine." That's how we got our idea.

We used a lot of materials. We have buttons, each button was different. We had winter, summer, shoes, hairstyles, bathing suit, and regular. We have a TV to show you what you look like before you wear it. We have a closet so if the clothes machine gets jammed, you will open the closet and get the pair of clothes you want. We made the Clothes Machine by getting a big cardboard box. Then we painted it white, and we hot-glued the buttons and the TV.

We didn't have any trouble doing our project. We also didn't make any changes either.

Everyone and anyone can and will use the Clothes Machine. It will be used to make your life easier in the morning and at night. People need our invention because it will make your life easier. This invention is great because instead of taking 20 minutes to get dressed, it will take 1 minute.

We think that our invention can be made. It would be a huge success.



Virtual Video Games
by Danny and Sean

Virtual Video GamesOur invention is a very unique item. It allows you to go into the TV to play a video game. We got our idea from an earlier item we were going to make. At first, we thought about inventing a TV Watch, but we found out it was already partially invented. Then, we thought of inventing Virtual Reality Video Games, since we love to play video games.

There are 4 parts to our invention: a special TV, a keyboard, a helmet, and a game (all of these are needed to play). To build the TV, we got boxes for the structure. Next, we wrapped black paper around two boxes for the TV casing. Then, we took a white piece of paper and plastic wrap for the screen. For the keyboard, we wrapped white paper around a long thin piece of cardboard. Then, we wrote everything that needed to be on the keyboard on the piece of paper. To make the game, we put a piece of white paper over the label on a N64 game to write a new name for the game and used the N64 game as the cartridge. Finally, to make the helmets, we got a bike helmet, used K'nex to make an antenna, and put foam for the Save and Exit buttons. The only change we made was we wrote the things on the keyboard a little differently than on our drawing.

Mostly kids will use our invention. At home, kids can be transported into the special TV to play the video game. Adults can also use it. People should buy our invention because it's fun. It has better games than any other system. We guarantee you will like our product.

Our invention would be tough to make. If it were made, it would probably be made in about the year 2060. It would be awesome if our invention is made. We will most likely still be alive in 2060 so we'll find out if someone ever made our invention. We hope you will like our product and I hope someone will make it in the future so you can enjoy it!


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