Spring 2003
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From the Classroom

Writing4th Grade (Mr. Borden's Class | Mrs. Ott's Class)

Poetry written by Mr. Borden's 4th graders:


Inside a School Wall

When I am sitting there
And can not move
I feel bored and sad
I have nothing to do
But sit there and watch
When I can't see
I feel very sad
Sometimes I can't see for months
There's paper covering my eyes
When those months are over
I can see again
But I'm left alone

- by Marisa B.



Inside Me

Inside me is like a happy sun
All day long
But when I'm sad it's like a cloud
With rain ready to pour

- by Nicole B.



Inside Me

I am very lonely
I am tired
There is nothing to do
It is very dark
I can't move
I am stuck
In yesterday's

- by Margarita C.



Inside Me

Inside me
Is a cheerleader competition
When I'm sad I lose
When I'm happy I win
When I'm mad I fall down
When I'm not mad I stay up.
My family is there for me when I lose
They cheer for me when I do good.

- by Jenna C.

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Jungle Green

Strange Jungle pictures
Fragrance of heavy mist
Eating some good grapes
Croak of slimy frogs
Snakes crawling up your legs

- by Shannon D.



Growing Up

Commando crawling,
I have fingers and toes,
My arm falls out of its socket
I wonder where I am,
Baby toys and jumping things,
I graduate from Preschool,
My arm falls out of its socket agian,
I graduate from Kindergarden,
1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade pass by,
Several years pass,
Graduate college,
Get married,
Be a father,
Be a Grandparent,
Kick the bucket,
Go to heaven.

- by Chris D.




Lively, friendly
Living, loving, caring
A best friend to me

- by Michal Ann E.




Pains, idiots.
Annoying, helping, teasing.
They love to annoy me,

- by Laura G.

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Inside a Game Boy

It is really fun.
I get to play lots of games
I get to ride
Dirt bikes and skateboards
When I get shut off I'm bored
Then I get turned on and I have fun
Plus I get transferred
Back and forth through a cable
And then I get put away till tomorrow

- by Tim B.




Red flower flying in the wind
A beautiful red cardinal
An opened ketchup packet
Juicy red apple
Sauce on a pizza

- by Nicholas H.




Nice, kind
Playing, caring, sharing
My friends are very nice

- by Megan H.



Inside Me

Inside me is a bowler
When I'm mad I throw a gutter ball
When I'm happy I throw a strike.
And when I am sad I throw a spare.
My friends and family are there to
Cheer for me when I win.

- by Ashley I.

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Inside Me

I am like a race car
When I am mad I crash everyone
When I am happy I take the lead
When I am sad I run out of gas

- by Adam J.




Joking, playing and caring
My best friend

- by Ashley M.



Growing Up

Being born
5 cracked my head open
My first bike
My first test
First report card
Graduate from college
Getting married
Having kids

- by Ryan M.



Inside Me

It's raining food
Food is my fuel
Food makes me run
And burn my shoes
And then it starts all
Over again

- by Aaron P.

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Inside A Rubber Band

Kids fling me everyday
I get stretched every time
I'm used as a sling shot
Sometimes I'm breakable
Sometimes I'm not

- by Joshua P.



Inside Me

Inside me it is solid as a rock
When I'm nervous
I'm bubbling like boiling water when
I'm mad
When I'm cross I'm still as water
And when I'm hurt I feel mucky

- by Sarah M.




Joe dunks
Players pass
Coach happy
Players shoot
Team wins
Opponents mad
Game over
Stadium empty
Room silent

- by Joe S.



Inside Me

When I am happy
Everything is nice and peaceful
When I am angry it is world war III
When I am guilty I am small
I am a lake when I am sad

- by Michael S.




Ball dribbling
Slam dunk
Crowd cheers
Players happy
Coach screams
People leave
Janitor cleans
Lights off

- by Eric Z.


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