Spring 2003
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From the Classroom

Spring3rd Grade

Ms. Pike's 2nd and 3rd graders wrote about spring:


by Aaron

First do you think it is cool?
Next do you think I will ride my bike? Yes!
Last Aaron likes spring. Do you like spring? Yes!
Everybody likes spring.
Eric likes spring.
You like spring.
I want to shoot my paintball gun.


by Tyler

First you can do many things.
Next swimming in a pool.
Last play ball with my friends.
Skateboard in the circle.
Play hide and go seek.
Play with my dog and my cat.


by Amanda

First I will swim.
Next I will plant flowers.
Next I will ride my bike in the road.
Next I will have a glass of lemonade.
Last I will play with my dogs. They're golden retrievers.


by Danielle

First I want to go swimming.
Next I want to go to Six Flags.
I want to have a sleepover.
I want to go camping with my friends.
I want to start my garden.
I want to get a golden retriever.
I want to have my cousins.
I want to go outside.
I want to play tag.
I want to play volleyball.
Last I want to go fly my kite.


by Tommy

I want to go swimming with Mom.
I want to go bike riding out on the street.
I want to go play outside.
I'm going to play with my sister.
I want to go drawing.


by Jay

First I went fishing with my Dad.
I only caught one fish. I got a new lure.
Next Thursday Kim will babysit me.
Kim is going to take me somewhere.
Last Dad, when are you taking me again?
I'm sorry I made you mad.


by Eric

Spring day
Rainy day I can be smooshey soaking wet
Sunny day I can go to school
A rain day is messy and squishy.
The sunny days can be very nice days.
I will enjoy the sun.
I can see the weather outside.


by Rachel

First I like swimming.
Next riding my bike with my mom and dad at the Cordella's Pizza.
Last I like spring because flowers grow up in my backyard.
My dog is black. She likes spring.


by Timmy

Spring is cool.
First sun is cool.
Next sun is cool.
Last sun is bright.


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