Spring 2003
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Roxaboxen! About Ukraine From the Classroom

From the Classroom


Orca WhalesMrs. Twilliger's Kindergarten students learned all about whales!

Here are some of the interesting facts:


Morning class:

I learned whales....

speak to each other - Danielle C.

breathe out of the water - Alana M.

can make sounds - Chad C.

blue whales are the biggest - Victoria Y.

eat squid and fish - Camille C.

can sing - Nicci S.

communicate by squeaking - Catherine W.

eat fish and shrimp - Patrick S.

are the biggest - Alex C.

use a blow hole to breathe - Jacob B.

talk to each other - Matthew W.

are the biggest - Ben P.

can sing - Emma W.

can sing and communicate - Emma H.

are warm-blooded - Jeffrey H.

can make funny sounds - Holly C.

whales' flippers go up and down - Jason S.

move with their fins - Lauren C.

jump - Andrew G.

swim in the ocean - Brandon S.

narwhals have long tusks - Jennifer G.


Afternoon class:

I learned whales....

have sonar - Reid W.

can make sounds - Danny K.

use their flippers to turn - Josh P.

can sing - Kalynda C.

can flip - Tanya D.

are not fish - Christopher M.

eat squid - Jim R.

use sonar - Matthew W.

can flip their tails up and down - Stephanie C.

can eat squid - Dakota V.

can listen from a hole - Kiana T.

can sing - Dominique D.

can eat squid - Jessica C.

have voices - Jake S.

can flip their tails to move - Mandy M.

go up and spout up water - Rachel D.

can hear from holes - Kristina S.

can sing - Kylie G.


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